Founded in January 2005 by Tim Devlin, Devlin Rod & Customs has spent the past five years creating a reputation of being one of the premier Rod and Custom shops in the Midwest.

When the doors to our shop first opened though, Devlin Rod & Customs quickly realized that as the new shop in town, we would have to build a statement car that would in essence be a business card on wheels. Without any customers knocking on our door, we looked to our owner, and his 1964 Cadillac Sedan De Ville. Many shops wouldn’t have chosen a four door as their first build, but since that was all that was available, we went for it and have never looked back. The result was a candy electric green behemoth with 6-2’s on top of the Caddy 429 mill.

Devlin Rod and Customs

The uniqueness and quality of the Caddy definitely made it stand out, and it has won numerous trophy picks at several local shows, including the Suede and Chrome Award at the Colorado Goodguys Show. From there Devlin Rod & Customs was on its way, but the candy green Caddy will always be special to the shop.

Our shop’s approach to building cars is all about the customer. Many of our customer’s have spent years dreaming of the car that they want to build. For Devlin Rod & Customs, it is the customer’s way, all the way, period. The customer is involved in every step of the build process, with Devlin Rod & Customs there to fill in any gaps, give ideas, and most importantly, make the process as smooth as possible.

Now in our sixth year of business, Devlin Rod & Customs has continued to turn out award-winning cars. One such car is the 1955 Ford Customline that we built in 2008. At the Goodguys Heartland National the Customline was a Pro’s Pick. Furthermore, the Customline was one of Street Rodder’s Top 100 and a Custom Rod of the Year Finalist. Several other cars built by our shop have been featured in prominent car magazines. This is all evidence that Devlin Rod & Customs is capable of building high quality classic cars.

Whether your goal is winning national shows, local shows or just tearing up the blacktop, Devlin Rod & Customs is the shop for all of your hot rodding needs. Please give us a call or stop by today as we look forward to making your classic car dreams a reality.